Your Yoga.
Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Find it.

  • Track it.

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The essential toolkit for Yoga practicioners on the go.

Find a perfect Yoga class wherever you are.

  • Search for a Yoga class, studio, or instructor
  • Get recommendations based on your preferences
  • Book your class (when available) and check in right from the app
  • Let your friends know where you are practicing and what you think

Track your yoga progress and reach your goals.

  • Journal your classes and track your achievements
  • Save poses and sequences you want to remember
  • Keep your favorite teachers and studios at your fingertips

Share recommendations and gather inspiration.

  • Read and write reviews
  • Get the latest news from your favorite teachers and studios
  • Book your class (when available) and check in right from the app
  • Invite friends to take a class

Don't just find a class, find the right class for you!

We created Must Have Yoga to make our own Yoga life easier and more rewarding. As Yoga students and busy professionals, just finding a great Yoga class often became a huge project in it's own right. Researching the available options, talking to friends to get trusted advice, calling to book classes - we knew there had to be a better way!

We think we've built a great solution to this problem, and we're just getting started. We're hard at work on lots of great new features, with a goal of making Must Have Yoga the world’s premier digital Yoga resource. Download the app, give it a try for yourself, and tell us what you think!


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